Taming the West.


Watson's Hat Shop

Watson’s Hat Shop

Keeping your eye out for story opportunities is paramount in the public relations world and thinking globally is one of those forgotten areas. It’s easy to look for the immediate contact, one that will produce a story in print, electronic or social media outlets, satisfying that animal in you and your client that wants to feel that bite of flesh. Try not to forget that some stories take longer than others to produce far reaching and often times good results in a totally different arena.

Recently I had the opportunity to host a group of journalists from around the world who were here in Arizona to get the feel of the true west. They wanted to see everything from bull riding to wine tasting and even the best barbecue that Arizona has to offer.

I immediately went into action setting up and entire stroll for Las Tiendas in Cave Creek. They dined on Bryan’s Barbecue, were serenaded by Arizona’s Singing Cowboy Gary Sprague and entertained by his trick Pony Dusty. They strolled all the shops meeting every shop owner with an opportunity to see the old west in new west style.

Now, months later the first story has appeared in an issue of Go Outside – Brazil. We were part of an entire week’s worth of seeing the best of Arizona. Now everyone will know that the very best ribs anywhere in the world are at Bryan’s Black Mountain Barbecue. This is how the West was Won.