• Listed as one of the best books of 2018 by True West Magazine

  • Book signings set up nationally

  • Will be a part of the Grand Canyon’s 100th Anniversary with talks and signings

  • Phippen Museum in Prescott – Fundraising Dinner Headliner as well as a book signing that had over 150 people


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VIDEO: New book chronicles Theodore Roosevelt’s relationship with the West

AUDIO:  Arizona Public Media, “The Cowboy President”

Michael F. Blake

It was a daunting task when Michael F. Blake came to me and asked if I would take him on as a client.  We sat down in an old west coffee shop in Cave Creek, Arizona.  I had spoken on the phone to Michael and had not met him in person.  In walks the spitting image of Theodore Roosevelt and I was immediately transported in time.  Without even another word I knew I had a man with a story.

Michael told me he had several Publicists that had not achieved what he wanted and that was to publicize his new book The Cowboy President.  Believe me there was a story on the book, but an even greater story on the author himself.  Michael had grown up as a child actor and had been in many well known shows including The Lucy Show and The Munsters.

His father was a famous actor as well, known for his parts in so many movies and shows as a character actor.  One movie in particular, “Man of a Thousand Faces”, a Lon Chaney movie, would shape Michael’s life long love as a Make-up Artist which he became and most recently retired from Hollywood so that he could pursue his life long love of books and writing about history.

We agreed to begin working together and the rest is history, he has been on everything from PBS, NPR, and the top local publications.  We keep pursuing more as he is one of the most intriguing speakers, transforming the audience to another time in history.