Catalyst Media

Three powerful women started a media buying company at a time when the economy was at bottom – did it stop them, no, they enlisted the services of Bay & Associates!

The company had been in business for three years and growing at an astounding rate against all odds in the eyes of many but not its owners. They knew they had what it takes – the company grew in three years to billings of 16 million.

Catalyst Media came to Bay & Associates with one goal in mind – get the name change out, the move to new offices and not let anyone know until the one night of their unveiling party.

One of the largest growth stories for Catalyst Media Design has been in the arena of digital media. In an expansion decision, Catalyst made the investment in a platform to allow all digital media buying in-house, giving them 24/7 access and complete transparency. This investment has resulted in significantly increased results and savings to their clients. Scott states, “To be able to extend the benefit of offering all media on- and offline handled in one shop is significant for an advertiser. We have the ability to move dollars seamlessly to the best performing media placements within flight creating even greater value for our clients.” Scott continued, “We consider ourselves to be leaders in the integration of on- and offline media and bringing digital media buying in-house only furthered this competitive advantage for us. We are one of few agencies who can stand up and be counted on this front.”

WE DID IT – one major story in the Phoenix Business Journal, one large feature story with photo that said it all – a new website, new name, new address and a huge growth of the company.

Bay & Associates decided that in order to meet the goal of the company we would have to have one well-placed “Exclusive” story that would reach the entire business community. Our goal – a success.