Good Morning Arizona: Bob Boze Bell: Growing up on Route 66 Watch.

Arizona Horizons: The 66 Kid: Raised on the Mother Road Watch.

Bob Boze Bell

It takes some big boots to fill when Western Historian, Author and Illustrator comes to you for public relations on his latest work called THE 66 KID: Raised on the Mother Road: Growing Up on Route 66, the World’s Most Famous Two-Lane Blacktop.

Bay & Associates, stepped up to the challenge of publicizing this renowned figure. We hit the trail at a full run, getting Bob Boze Bell on local TV such as PBS Horizon, setting up book signings and a feature article in Phoenix Magazine. Covering the State of Arizona – Bob Boze Bell’s book is now in the hands of many.

According to Leslie Bay, “Bob Boze Bell is a dream client, a true talent. Since Bob had such a background in print and electronic media, he could carry out any assignment– a master storyteller, historian and artist that can paint a picture through words and art like nobody else. All you had to do was show him the way and he fulfilled the PR efforts and then some.”

About the Author: Bob Boze Bell is the co-owner and publisher of True West magazine and the host of Outrageous Arizona, an Emmy-winning documentary about Arizona’s road to statehood. He has published and illustrated groundbreaking books on Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid, and Doc Holliday, as well as his series entitled Classic Gunfights. Boze’s artwork and writing have also appeared in Arizona Highways, New Times, Playboy, Wild West, and National Lampoon.

Author, publisher, illustrator, and Emmy-winning director and host Bob Boze Bell puts the everlasting allure of Route 66 into perspective by showing readers what it was like growing up in Kingman, during the heyday of automobile travel in the 1950’s and 1960’s. This personal take on the Mother Road’s History – part autobiography, part narrative history, part oral history, all beautifully illustrated – expertly weaves personal memories and observations with entertaining first-person accounts of people who lived, worked, and played along the road. Bell digs deep into the roots of the Route 66, offering insights into the people who made it run: from the neon-lit motels to the greasy-spoon diners, and even the shady roadside attractions.